Thursday, June 2, 2011

Talk About Your Conversation Starters

Dinner was interesting tonight.  In talking about all the things we were most thankful for we stumbled upon a big old heap of stuff  for which we are definitely NOT thankful!

The disenfranchised of the household wanted to be heard and, boy were they!

Little Guy feels that he gets in trouble twice as much as his sister - he even provided a mathematical equation to back up his theory.

Little Girl doesn't like when she gets shut out of play dates.

Little Guy doesn't like that he gets reprimanded and punished. 

Little Guy feels like Little Girl gets him in trouble and tattle tales so much that it makes him feel less than everyone else in the family.  Little Girl says that the hurtful things that Little Guy says make her feel small and that she doesn't matter to him. 

The Him and I were pulling out all the stops explaining how hurtful words or actions leave a permanent mark and that even "I'm Sorry" doesn't smooth away the damage.    We even used props!  (Props included two pieces of paper - one smooth and new and one crumpled with mean words)

The kids talked, we talked, hopefully we all listened.  I have heartburn.  What a meal.

I'm Grateful for:
Everyone in the whole world! - Little Girl
For Gracie. - Little Guy
For the love and respect of my children. - Nonna
For the love of my wife! - The Him
The joy of having children I genuinely like and who listen with their ears and their hearts! - Me

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