How It Began

A friend casually mentioned over dinner that she had started reading a book about teaching your children life values and virtues in one month blocks.  She also mentioned that she'd picked up  copy of the book for me.  Insert one of Oprah's Ah Ha moments here.  I promptly forgot about it and went about the business of enjoying an evening with friends.  When I returned home and cleared out the swimming bag, there it was, a book with a title that called to me.  It took all of twenty minutes reading the forward and introduction to know that I wanted to do this thing!  I recruited The HIM - my husband - and after reading the first two sections, he was on board!

This is an experiment and blog journal of our journey.  We are a family of six.  Me - the Mom , Him - the Dad, My mother  - The Nonna, 6 year old boy - Little Guy, 4 year old girl - Little Girl  and our dog Gracie - Gracie.

Wish us luck.  Say a prayer.  Here we go...