Monday, June 6, 2011

For What We Have Recieved...

may we truly be thankful.
I am GRATEFUL for:

Little Girl:  Going to the Lazy Dog for dinner!
Little Guy:  Getting medicine and feeling better.
Nonna - A trip to the garden.
Me - My kids and the smiles that they give me.
Him - For the medicine that helps my son.

Some people are always grumbling
because roses have thorns;
I am thankful
that thorns have roses.

~ Alphonse Karr

1 comment:

Mila said...

I admire and applaud your beautiful intention to live each day with gratitude and teach it to your children.

Today I am grateful to have a car that works. It is over 100 degrees outside, and I see so many people standing under the hot sun to catch their buses.